Bob’s Big 3:
1) Health Care for All Americans
2) No Riders – Fixing Corruption in our government by eliminating riders! (CLEAR Act)
3) Usury Laws

Other issues:
4) Firearm Safety and Education
5) Women’s Rights
6) Tax Reform
7) Immigration
8) Education
9) Professional Guardianship Fraud

1) Health Care for All Americans.
We have the most expensive system in the modern world. Accessibility that relies on E.R. visits instead of reasonably priced and timely medical attention should not be a part of the American experience in our wealthy nation. There is entirely too much profit taking and too little free market, transparent capitalism in health care. People should come before profit.
It is time for a truly comprehensive health care system using the bargaining power of the many to reduce drug, procedure and facility costs. Medicare, if unshackled from the corrupt restrictions of congress that prevent bargaining with Big Pharma, and given powers to negotiate on behalf of the people in other areas, could drive costs down significantly.
I support the concept of Medicare For All and will introduce and support clean legislation that gives the power back to “we the people” to produce that more perfect union, promoting the general welfare and assuring the unalienable rights of the American people to pursue Life, Liberty and Happiness. Without health, none of this is possible.

2) You can’t drain the swamp by changing the alligators!
You must bust the dam! Eliminate riders (pork) on bills.
Bob will introduce legislation to force congress to get into the 21st century by eliminating riders (pork) on bills, put page numbers on table of contents, provide for hyperlinking, searchability, etc. (

3) Usury Laws
Bob will introduce legislation to overturn the 1978 Supreme Court decision that allows credit card companies to avoid the Arizona state usury limit of 10% by incorporating in states that have no limits. (Like Delaware, Nevada, South Dakota).

4) Firearm Education and Safety
Many are quick to condemn each successive act of mass shootings and senseless gun violence. “We must do something” is on the lips of most people, but we don’t see many new ideas on the subject.
It seems we’re trapped between two divergent schools of thought. Those who are so frightened of the idea of a rogue US Government taking all guns away to imprison the masses, and those who want all guns removed from civilian hands.
It is much like a finger trap. Most of us are caught in the middle. Nothing is changing except the number of mass shootings. Maybe it is time for a “3rd” answer.
That answer would be to treat guns as the dangerous machines they are. To work with the NRA and other such organizations to utilize their knowledge and skills to certify different levels of competency required to carry different classes of weapons. As the lethality potential increases, so do the requirements. We do this for autos and airplanes, why not guns?
As a candidate for U.S. Senate, Arizona, I am willing to put forward new ideas, hoping that we can have some rational discourse and possible action. When elected, this will be a priority on my legislative list.


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