Bob Bishop started his business career at the age of 13 while living in Phoenix, AZ. Flying and excellence have been his passions. Being in service to others is his primary goal. He is a compassionate capitalist, who puts people before profits.

Bob is an innovator; he built the “world’s smallest jet” in 1976 and designed and built the 13th completely solar powered home to be connected to the grid in AZ in 1999. He is a small business owner and investor in start-up “disruptive technology” businesses. Over 300 people in Arizona are now employed due to his early investing activities.

As a test and airshow pilot, Bob recognizes that it takes both a left and a right wing to fly. The goal is to get the center where it needs to be. He believes Americans need to start talking to each other again in a bi-partisan, respectful way. We also need to be looking for “a third answer,” something that includes the concerns of most and transcends those into a newer frame.

Bob believes that “You can’t drain the swamp by changing the alligators.” He has an innovative, practical way to change the structure of the legislating process in Washington that will get results.

Bob believes that greed is not good. As a compassionate nation, we should promote the general welfare as dictated in the preamble of our Constitution, by providing base line health care for all, a tax system that does not benefit any particular class and a return to state control of usury rates.

Bob believes that to be a true land of opportunity and justice, America needs to do all it can to support the rights of all people.

Bob believes that “Fear is a Boomerang” and that the actions we take out of fear as individuals, and as a nation, often result in the exact opposite of our intentions. It is time for America to truly be the “Home of the Brave.”

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