• Raised: Phoenix, AZ
  • Resides: Tucson, AZ
  • Education: Squaw Peak Elementary, Camelback High School, ASU
  • Businesses: Aviation related. First started at age 13. 41 years of small business Corporate CEO experience.
  • Innovations:

Built then “world’s smallest jet” 1976

Designed and ran Coors Light Silver Bullet Jet promotion 1982-91.

Designed and built 13th solar powered home on APS grid 1999.

Initial investor in start up “disruptive technology” companies now employing 300+ in AZ.


  • Drain the swamp! Not by changing the alligators, but busting the dam! Introduce legislation to force congress to get into the 21stcentury by eliminating riders (pork) on bills, put page numbers on table of contents, provide for hyperlinking, searchability, etc. (
  • Drastically Cut Credit Card Interest Rates! Introduce legislation to over turn 1978 Supreme Court decision that allows credit card companies to avoid AZ state usury limit of 10% by incorporating in states that have no limits. (Like Delaware, Nevada, South Dakota).
  • Provide Basic Health Care for All Americans. Promoting the general welfare and allowing the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness for all. From birth, for all Americans, insurance that allows access to basic health services.


  • It takes a right wing and a left wing to fly! It’s time we started talking to each other in constructive, respectful ways, looking not just for compromise, but finding a “third answer” that accounts for concerns of all while benefiting the most.
  • Compassionate Capitalism: People before profit. Greed is not good!
  • “Fear is a Boomerang” We tend to get what we fear. Time to truly be “The Home of the Brave.”

Paid for by Bishop 4 US Senate